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Missions - We Pray

We Pray Because Jesus Is Worth It

The Draa Berbers

On the edge of nowhere live the Draa Berbers. This unreached, unengaged people group comprises nearly 500,000 people, living mostly along the Draa River valley. Speaking traditional Berber languages and dialects (Tašlhiyt), these peoples have little written literature and no access to God’s Word. This agricultural society struggles to produce primarily dates and barley with some wheat, corn, and beans. Cattle, goats, sheep, horses, and camels also dot the landscape. Although these Berbers follow Islamic fundamentals, they often intermingle their religious ideologies with traditional rituals. Because Jesus is worth it, Blackshear Place is praying for an evangelical witness among the Draa peoples. Will you join us in praying?
- Ask the Lord to call people willing to go and live and share Christ with Draa Berbers.
- Pray for an understanding of their language so that the Bible can be translated for them.
- Pray that God would reveal Himself to the Draa peoples in dreams, preparing their hearts for our short-term trips in 2017.

Spring of Life Church, Portland

Nearly 2.5 million people call Portland, Oregon, home. With a growing food and culture scene, incredible natural wonders, and a job market with companies such as Intel, Adidas, and Nike, there is no wonder that Portland is the fifteenth fastest growing metro area in the U.S. But despite all the beauty and wonder, Business Week named Portland, “America’s Unhappiest City.” Time Magazine called it the least religious city. Portland desperately needs Jesus. In 2015, Blackshear Place sent Aaron and Andrea Bennett to bring hope through a new church called Spring of Life. Because Jesus is worth it, this year we want to do more and pray more for the Bennetts and Spring of Life. Will you join us in praying?
- Pray that God would send leaders to join Aaron and Andrea in the work of reaching Portland for Christ.
- Pray that God would open the eyes and hearts of the people in Portland as Spring of Life shares the good news.
- Ask God if He wants you to go or to support someone else to go on one of the short-term trips to help Aaron and Andrea launch weekly services in 2017.

Missions - We Give

We Give Because Jesus Is Worth It

John is wealthy, but he lives on a fraction of his income so he can give to God’s global cause in missions. John and Daniel, his 12-year-old son, had this conversation.
Daniel said, “Dad, I think we should get a Hummer.” Pause. “Daniel, that’s a great idea. What if we got two Hummers?” John replied. Pause. “You know I could do that for you. I could buy enough Hummers to fill our garage and driveway,” he continued. Pause. But what if we didn’t buy those Hummers? What if we took that money and gave it to people who don’t know where they’re going to get their next meal or don’t have access to the gospel?”
John chooses less —— and with it, greater joy. He chooses to play the Game of Less. Because Jesus is worth it, John looks for ways to give up what he cannot really keep to gain what he can never lose. Will you join us in playing the Game of Less? Here is how it looks…
- Moments of greed become moments of gratitude. I see a new car and rejoice, “Thank you, Lord, for the chance to give to rescue unborn babies by supporting pregnancy care centers.”
- Moments of wanting become moments of worship. I see an ad for a cruise and rejoice, “God, how amazing that You would use people like us to support orphans in the Georgia foster care system.”
- Moments of empty desire can become moments of delight. My wardrobe is smaller, but I rejoice, because I helped feed the homeless living under bridges in Gainesville.

In the Game of Less, grasping becomes granting and coveting becomes contributing. And because Jesus is worth it, here are some causes we support, as we play the Game of Less…
Abiding Word Ministries | biblical help for those struggling in difficult situations
Backpack Love | feeding hungry kids on the weekend through school backpacks
Choices Pregnancy Care Center | providing care for those in a crisis pregnancy
Christian Library International | sharing God’s word and discipling those in prison
Eagle Ranch | making life better for children and their families
Feed the Need | feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless
FCA | uniting faith and sports to impact the world
GBC Disaster Relief | helping in times of greatest tragedy
Gideons International | providing God’s Word to the world
Good News at Noon | feeding the hungry in our community
Good News Medical | providing medical and dental care for those in need
Good Samaritan Food Bank | feeding and caring for those in need
Mosaic Foster Care | supporting children and families in foster care
My Sister’s Place | helping women in need
Rahab’s Rope | giving hope and opportunity to women and girls in India’s sex trade

Missions - We Go

We Go Because Jesus Is Worth It

God is moving; we must go! We can talk and pray and give, but until someone actually goes and sees the nations in person, he or she is likely to underestimate the urgency of God’s global purpose in our lives. Because Jesus is worth it, we desire to take short-term trips to partner with believers in other contexts who are intentionally making disciples. These partnerships help move their disciple-making processes along in exponential ways. And as we go together, we grow together in Christ. Our eyes are opened, and our hearts are transformed as we serve in situations that often make us uncomfortable. Will you join us? Will you go, because Jesus is worth it?

New trips will be released soon. Call the Missions Ministry Office at 770-534-7058 to get more information about our 2018 trips.
Missions - Download 2017

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