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Blackshear Place Baptist Church

Connect. Grow. Serve.


Jeff W. Crook

Tammy B

Tammy Bretherick

Scott Crook

Scott Crook

Staff - Debbie Milton

Debbie Milton

Grady S

Grady Sutton

Julie B

Julie Boley

Aaron Bennett

Aaron Bennett

Rob Britton

Rob Britton

Dave C

Dave Channell

Staff - Sterling Lynn

Sterling Lynn

  • Adult, Evangelism & Men’s Ministries
  • Contact Me
Christopher M

Christopher Martin

Staff - Sam Parsons

Sam Parsons

Staff - Trent Peacock

Trent Peacock

Kevin R

Kevin Ross

Staff - Daniel Santander

Daniel Santander

Dan Y

Dan Young

Tammie B

Tammie Beavers

  • Director of Weekday Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Contact Me
Robert B

Robert Boley

Staff - Marlana Branning

Marlana Branning

Jennifer C

Jennifer Cobbs

Joe C

Joe Collier

Colette M

Colette Millett

Stephen O

Stephen Odum

Stephen A

Stephen Adams

Patti A

Patti Lyn Adams

Brent C

Brent Cochran

Tricia C

Tricia Couffer


Tiffany Melville

Staff - Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell

Staff - Chad Robinson

Chad Robinson


Andrea Bennett

Staff - Katherine Adham

Katherine Bennett

  • High School and Girls Ministry Assistant
  • Contact Me
Jenny B

Jenny Bretherick

Kelly E

Kelly Edwards

  • Pastoral Care and Maturing Families Ministry Assistant
  • Contact Me
Robin E

Robin Elliott

Ermadine F

Ermadine Flowers

Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall

Tina H

Tina Howard

Staff - Lauren Mercer

Lauren Mercer

Staff - Jackie Riley

Jackie Riley

Staff - Cheri Scholes

Cheri Scoles

Staff - Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Julie T

Julie Tate

  • Adult Bible Fellowship, Men’s & Evangelism Ministry Assistant
  • Contact Me
Staff - Lisa Teems

Lisa Teems

  • Media Assistant and The Bridge Manager
  • Contact Me
Staff - Sydney Tracy

Sydney Tracy

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